Parent Connect


Parent Connect is a free telephone and email service to parents and others experiencing family life or parenting challenges. This nonjudgmental service provides a listening ear, support and guidance to parents and caregivers who are upset or troubled about a family issue, have parenting-related questions or just need someone to speak to.

Parent Connect staff are educated in the area of child and family development, and have extensive experience in a variety of professional settings working with parents and children. Parents themselves, staff understand the joys, trials and tribulations of parenting, and know that parenting is hard work.

Parent Connect is not a crisis line. If your question or situation is urgent and requires immediate assistance or support, dial 911.

Call, email or visit.
We’re here to help.

Do you have a question or need someone to talk to about parenting? Call 519-434-3644 or email

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What can I call about?

Parent Connect welcomes calls from parents and others about family life and parenting. With the exception of medical and legal questions, we respond to almost any parenting question. If we cannot help, we will try to find someone who can. Following are examples of why you might contact us. If your particular concern is not listed, please know that this list is only a snap shot of the many reasons why parents call:

  • child development

  • infant sleep

  • bedtime battles

  • nightmares

  • night terrors

  • tantrums

  • toilet/potty training

  • picky eating

  • biting

  • sharing

  • separation anxiety

  • generalized anxiety

  • childhood fear

  • bullying

  • school difficulties

  • learning disabilities

  • friendship problems

  • special needs

  • post partum adjustment

  • new baby issues

  • sibling rivalry

  • parent anger and emotions

  • coping with separation and divorce

  • feeling alone and frustrated

  • conflicting parenting styles

  • community resources, and

  • many, many more.


Parent Connect is staffed by caring, knowledgeable and experienced parent coaches. They will try to help you by providing information, guidance and suggestions for ways of dealing with your family life or parenting challenge. If you live in the London area, and if appropriate for you, staff will provide information on other supports and resources available in your community, facilitating referrals as needed.