Program Closure Notice for October 1-4, 2019


Our team is spending the four days (October 1-4, 2019) learning how to facilitate Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting. PDEP is a strengths-based program that promotes strong parent-child relationships. Children’s behavior reflects their understanding. PDEP helps parents understand how children see the world, and how that changes as they grow. Parents develop a way of thinking that can prevent many conflicts – and leads them to solutions when conflicts arise. What's really neat about PDEP is that PDEP does not use use rewards or punishments.  Instead, it helps parents learn to problem solve, so they can teach those skills to their children. PDEP views children as learners, and parents as mentors. It is based on research showing that long-term learning is fostered in warm, nurturing environments that provide information, guidance and support.

All this to say that we won’t be running any programs at our centre or in the community while we are in training. Please visit to find other free drop-in playgroups during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Playgroup Closure.png