Our team is our greatest asset.

We are a collective of Early Years professionals whose focus is to achieve positive outcomes for children and families in our community.

We are passionate about what we do.

Since 1975, our team has worked directly with parents, families, and professionals to ensure the children in our community reach their full potential.

Every day we strive to:

  • establish positive, responsive relationships with
    children and their families;

  • value children as individuals and as active and competent contributors with their own interests and points of view;

  • recognize the connection between emotional well-being and social and cognitive development and the importance of focusing on these areas holistically;

  • provide environments and experiences for children to explore ideas, investigate their theories, and interact with others in play.

We believe that every parent wants the best for his or her child. If the best is not being provided, it is because of some barrier – our goal is to help lift this barrier and bring joy to both parent and child.
— Dr. John McKim

Board of Directors

  • Jim Mays, President

  • Kate Placide, Vice President

  • Adam Dennerley, Treasurer

  • Carolyn Broughton, Secretary

  • Liz Minarik, Past President

  • Glen Donald

  • Nelida Forero

  • Andrea Kelly

  • Vishal Papreja

  • Isabel Resendes

  • Shobhita Sharma