Q: Will I spoil my baby by picking him up every time he cries?


Science has proven you cannot spoil a baby. In fact, showering your baby with love and affection has zero negative consequences! Snuggle away parents because research has shown:

  • Babies who are held lots will calm more easily, cry less and sleep better

  • Responding to your baby consistently builds trust, security and connections in their brain.

  • Holding, rocking and soothing your baby when they are in distress helps form secure attachment. (For more information on attachment visit https://www.healthunit.com/early-child-development-attachment)

  • Babies whose needs are met quickly and reliably as infants actually become healthier, confident and more empathetic adults.

  • There are benefits for parents too including lower levels of stress, and higher feelings of relaxation and bonding.

So feel confident in responding to your baby’s needs for attention, comfort, support or security. You cannot spoil a baby with love!

Written by Ashley Colvin, Parent Support Educator