WILD CHILD: Do you see what I see?

It seems as if all the plants and birds suddenly appeared over the last week. Trees and shrubs are covered in leaves. Birds are singing hidden by green growth. But it's still raining often keeping the ground moist and capturing tracks of the animals that roam over it.

Now is the time to head out for walks, even if only for 15 minutes in the morning or evening when the animals are most active, and challenge your children to develop their 'nature vision’. Notice the subtle changes as well as the obvious ones.

We like to play 'I Spy' as we walk. Trying to spot something others have missed. Deer and dog tracks, the first patch of white anemones, a Robin sitting quietly in a nest. Anything counts. This is a chance to observe and appreciate all the life and signs of life around your home and neighbourhood. I'm always amazed at the new things I see, even as I walk the same route each day.

What will you find on your spring walks?

Written by Tandy Morton, WILD CHILD Outdoor Playgroup Facilitator