WILD CHILD: Rock Hiding Fun


Have you heard of painting rocks and hiding them in your community for others to find? This fun way to spend time outside in your community, sometimes called Kindness Rocks, involves hiding a painted rock with either a hashtag or Facebook group noted on the back.  The person who finds it can post a picture for the original hider to follow the rock's travels. Found rocks can be left for others, re-hidden, kept, or replaced with one of your own. 


One of our amazing WILD CHILD parents has started a rock hiding group in the Medway area of northwest London. You can check out their Facebook page to find out which areas already have hidden rocks waiting to be found and post pictures of your own discoveries and adventures.

Or you could start your own group closer to home.  Simply paint and seal the rocks, note your hashtag or Facebook group on the back and head outside to find fun places to hide your treasure. 

Not interested in creating your own? Just head outside, and see if you can spot any of the rocks already hidden around your neighborhood. 

Interested in reading about other communities who have started this?

Written by Tandy Morton, WILD CHILD Playgroup Facilitator