Change the World Mentorship Day at Childreach

Nadine Reeves and Shivani Patil

Nadine Reeves and Shivani Patil

As a part of the Change The World Mentorship Day, I had the opportunity to job shadow my mentor Nadine Reeves, Communication & Marketing Coordinator at Childreach.

On that sunny morning, I walked towards Childreach, feeling nervous, excited and hopeful. Entering through the doors, I saw Nadine waiting for me at the reception. Her greetings and bright smile were so welcoming that it instantly made me comfortable. We started the day by touring Childreach. We explored the playroom which was quiet before the opening hours. From well-furnished kitchens, race courses, and dress up cupboards to art space and an obstacles room, it was nothing short of a wonderland for young children. The well-conceptualized playroom is a one-stop spot for kids and their parents.

After seeing the playroom, we proceeded to the resource centre. It had all kinds of books, learning activities, and program materials accessible to parents and Early Years Educators. While observing the toys, I realized how well devised these resources were. They were designed to boost a child's creativity, making them open-minded individuals in the future.

After touring the centre, I met some of the Leadership Team. Nadine introduced me to Yvette Scrivener, Executive Director, and Gregg Paisley, Business & Operations Manager. I was nervous while meeting them, but their warm and friendly greetings made me comfortable quickly. We had a pleasant conversation before heading to Nadine's office to get straight to work.

Nadine introduced me to the programs and events that take place throughout the year. She also shared her career path and provided valuable insights on fundraising. She inspired me in so many ways. We worked on the April e-newsletter followed by some promotional work for the upcoming Wild Child day camp. Thanks to her, I got a sneak peek of Childreach’s new website even before its launch next month. It is playful, engaging and reflects what the organization stands for. After doing a quick website audit, we enjoyed lunch in the sun-filled staff room where we talked about our professional experiences and our personal lives.

After lunch, we returned to the office for Nadine's telephone meeting. It was exciting to be a part of this important discussion. I learned a lot about London's family centres, their initiatives, and operating styles. Wrapping up the meeting, we returned to the playroom to see the kids in action. Many families were present in the playroom. It was heart-warming to see them play, cook and draw together. From running around in Spiderman and princess costumes to nurturing babies, kids were following their hearts and having a good time.

Although it was joyous to watch kids in the playroom, we had to return to Nadine’s office. We had a great time discussing our career plans. Nadine provided invaluable feedback on my portfolio as well. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Childreach, and it was an enriching experience. I am thoroughly grateful to Nadine and Childreach for this learning opportunity.

From my perspective, Childreach is like a gardener, planting little seeds of hope, creativity, and love among the kids who will eventually grow up and blossom into beautiful flowers of all kinds and make this world a harmonious place to live.

I believe the relaxed environment, supportive staff, and well-curated programs are what makes Childreach so special. An inclusive and non-judgmental setting suitable for a child's growing mind and body. Their impact in the community and on the lives of innumerable children and their families has inspired me to volunteer for Childreach. And I look forward to volunteering and helping the community in every way I can!

- Shivani Patil

Shivani is a motivated communications specialist, nature lover, artist and anime geek. A recent Fanshawe graduate in Public Relations & Corporate Communications, she is recognized for developing out-of-the-box ideas & effective marketing campaigns. When she is not working, you will find her taking strolls across the park or sitting in a corner, working her magic on canvas. She believes in learning something from every person she meets, improving herself every day.

Nadine Reeves