WILD CHILD: Signs of Spring

It's the time of year when everything starts to wake up and sprout. The birds are returning, the plants are getting ready to send up their first sprouts, and the sun is shining more each day.

It seems nature is perfectly suited to learning. The plants pop up one or two at a time, then birds come back one or two at a time, and the lack of foliage makes it easier to spot these changes. Another perk of visiting natural spaces now is the ability to spot things that were hidden by the snow: owl pellets, caches of snail shells, and chewed logs all appear. In case you only get out a few times a week here are some of the changes we spotted this week to look for over the weekend.

Woollybear caterpillars these little guys have been hibernating on the forest floor and are walking up. Watch carefully as you walk and you might see them amount the leaf litter.

These blackish birds with orange beaks have a beautiful call, very different than the birds we've heard all winter.

Geese and Duck Pairs
These water loving birds are already pairing off and choosing their favorite spots. If you watch you may see them chasing each other away and be able to guess each pair favorite location. Can you find their tracks in the mud?


Beaver Activity
London has been working to find a balance between Beavers and citizens. If you want walk along any of the areas near the Beaver projects you may spot some evidence that the Beavers are out and about.()


While you probably saw these all winter, these fun plants are starting to disperse their seeds in their distinctive puff of fluff.


Red-osier Dogwood
This red-barked bush is easy to spot at this time of year against the browns of fading winter.


Written by Tandy Morton, WILD CHILD Outdoor Playgroup Facilitator