Meet Ian Hillis

ian hillis family.jpg

Ian Hillis is a general practice partner at Ford Keast LLP, an active community member, a triathlete, a son, brother, husband and most importantly a dad to his three young kids. Spending time with his family is always priority one. At the same time, both Ian and his wife, Kerry, have successful careers that require a significant amount of their time and attention.  Finding the balance between work and home can be challenging. Ian knows the value of having resources in place within the community to assist young families in the most critical years of their lives.

 Ian has been working with us in various capacities for nearly 15 years.  He believes Childreach is an amazing resource that welcomes all families and provides support at many levels, and without community support, programs such as Parent Connect would cease to exist. We can always count on Ian and his colleagues at Ford Keast to support our fundraising efforts by showing up and sponsoring our annual fundraiser - Seasonal Flavours!

 We asked Ian a few questions for us to get to know him better, and here’s what he had to say! 

What is your favourite part about being a dad?

 My favourite part is really the overall joy that the kids bring to my life.  Every day, they make me smile and laugh, and I’m constantly surprised and impressed by them.

 What has been your proudest parenting moment?

 I don’t have a single moment that comes to mind above all others.  There are many times where I see them respond to everyday situations with maturity, intelligence and a caring attitude, and that makes me proud.

 What advice would you give to a new dad?

 I would advise a new dad to really work on being present with his children.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend every moment with them, but it does mean making all the moments together count.